Speed up your coil binding process with this time saver! Akiles [email protected] is an easy to use electric coil crimper that cuts & crimps a both side of the coil at the same time, preventing it from rolling back out of the holes of your document. 

Akiles [email protected]'s unique design accommodates all coil sizes from 6mm - 50mm, without the hassle of interchanging any parts. Its simple 5-Step setup only takes the operator seconds to change coil or sheet size settings. 

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Product Description

• Electric Double-Sided Coil Crimpers with adjustable knives: Avoid manual coil crimping process and improve productivity.
• Works on Full Range of Coil Sizes: Quickly and easily crimp all coils sizes (from 6mm to 50mm).
• Adjustable Crimper Heads: No hassle of switching crimper heads for different sizes.
• Simple 5-Step Setup: Only takes seconds to change coil or sheet size settings.
• Special Coil Alignment Guides: Ensures a perfect, consistent result in every crimping operation, by guiding your coils in a well-centered position to the knives.
• 54 cycles per minute: Fastest cycle speed in its class, higher productivity.
• Industrial design with all metal construction
• Foot pedal operated
• Includes a large waste catcher
• Weight 51 lbs


Model: [email protected]
Operation: Electric
(Foot Pedal operated)
Crimping Capacity: Minimum Coil Size: 6mm
Maximum Coil Size: 50mm
Crimping Length: Minimum Book Length = 6″
Maximum Book Length = 17″
Speed: 54 cycles per minute
Adjustable Crimper Heads: Yes
Machine Set-up: Simple 5-Step Adjustment
Machine Dimensions: 29″ L x 12″ W x 10″ H (machine)
33.25″ L x 16.5″ W x 14″ H (carton)
Machine Weight & Volume: 51 Lbs & 4.24 Cbft

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